You've found my website "canceLLogic."   Lots of stuff here - click the History Distillery above to see my bloggishness. 

Why the name canceLLogic?  Well, I have been working on a personal Mathematica project called Nonsensebox for quite some time now.  Nonsensebox was built to deduce complex driving relationships in big data, and somewhat unexpectedly solves a large class of non-deterministic decision optimization and search problems including Knapsack and Travelling_salesman.   Maybe 'approximates' is a better word than 'solves' in that last sentence.    Nonsensebox can be summed up with the idea that crops up in optics and physics that certain functions can be described by many possible paths.      

Nonsensebox makes many statistically reasonable hypotheses for a data set.  Some of those guesses connect with reality, some miss.  The magic is that with a large enough set of nonsense hypothesis a signal appears - the hypotheses that connect with reality reinforce into a pattern while the nonsense in general tends to cancel out because it often is random.  A bit like discerning magnetic north from a mix of a thousand broken and working compasses.

In short, the result is dogma - meaningful conventional crowd sourced wisdom of a kind.   Pure magic to witness when it works.  Need a thousand new theories of why the Higgs boson was measured to be 126 GeV?  Nonsensebox could breed them from a million nonsense hypothesizes statistically cross checked and then crossbred toward a goal resulting in a pool of extraordinary plausibility - actually a lot like science done by humans.  Sorting out truth from dodgy dogma might still take more than a lifetime of effort.   All the same the messy whole of all proposals would be informative and predictive, even without knowing what parts were parody, deep truth or deception.   

That last little bit is important - there are times when I feel like I've found a way to automate Freakonomics style machine intelligence and then I get stuck because I'm not smart enough or fast enough to sort out dogmatic revelation from dunce's dupe.  Some version of Nonsesensebox Dogma is available elsewhere on this website.  Find it and check it out!   You'll need mathematica and high school coding ability to get it to run a custom dataset.   

Why the name canceLLogic for this blog?  Why cap LL?  Have you no love for conformity?  

I love/hate** Mathematica as much as anyone else that spends a bit too much time submerged in it.   Consider Mathematica Wolfram cofounder TG - it is a treat to watch him blow up his elements on the farm http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w9dskxN10N0)   This site is a creative outlet, with minimal harm done to acorn fed hams.  

Cancel logic and what's left, I hope, is real and heartfelt.  This site is about odd projects, ideas and dreams.  My contribution of a bit of nonsense to add to noise that makes the internet.  canceLLogic.com is a happy reuse for random (and occasionaly problematic) ideas.   Enjoy 


**(Mathematica version 9 / Late 2012 version is better, review found elsewhere on this site.  As of July 2014 I've moved to v10 and will posted a partial review.