First Day First Grade - My wife and my reason for so much of the joy in my life kisses T as she heads off for school

T above is in second grade above (fifth grade as of 2018), and she actually has much more hair! I ?teach? her math once a week at school and its a treat.  She is a delightful happy inspiration that brings light into the world.  T has the same silver gray eyes that I do, but her's look pretty blue in this photo.  Maybe they were more blue when she was more bald.

My son H - a deticated student, winner of several minor academic competitions, owner of less than perfect SAT scores that even so, still do me proud (one question wrong, really Henry?).  Mathematican, musician, programmer and runner.   Look at those smokey coal brown eyes.

My Son Q:  Usually rooting for the Coyote and not the Roadrunner.   Charasmatic jazz musican, runner, computer gamer, and Math tutor.  Possessed of the rare tallent of being able to hum bass staff of music while whistling treble staff in different notes at the same time (ask him to buzz whistle the Star Wars Theme). He's got a future in speaking:  perhaps as a lawyer or voice over actor... I'm not sure which.

 QB is ?five? years older now than this photo.  He's over 6 feet tall.  You can't tell from this picture, but Q's eyes are blue with inner exploding yellow rings.  My wife's eyes are hazel green, mine are gunmetal gray, Hen's are darkest chocolate, Tessa's are silverly blue and look turquise amongst lush greenery, and Quinns are star-going-supernova.  We've got strange eye colors in my family.  T got a friend just a tiny bit wet

And here we are, my family, a long time ago.