A Completely Uninformed Book Review


I've never read it, not even ever opened it.  And so here is my uninformed review of Fifty Shades of Grey by ELJ.  

My wife C has been reading the Grey books and suddenly I find our plain vanilla relationship has a good bit more passion (reminiscent of college days).  Yes, I've heard it called mommy porn and trash - but I for one am fully in support of this amazing relationship self help book that should be titled "A Little Riskier and Friskier."    Dr. Ruth herself couldn't have done much better in bringing the magic back.

Clearly the book has its defects and detractors.  It has, perhaps wrongly, been characterized as erotic romance novel.    The cover art is a bit bleak.  It sounds like there could be some kind of tediously manufactured relationship drama going on inside - and frankly I'm not a fan of that genera.   And there is the controversy over how much plot the book borrows from Twilight.

Still, two happy thumbs up from me.  ELJ's writing may well be top notch.  I for one have greatly enjoyed C's bedtime reading of it, and highly recommend Fifty Shades of Grey by ELJ.

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