A grudge against old timey US english system loving engineers 

I witnessed a proud if abrasive engineer pompously doing measurement system conversion in their head, nearly as fast as a computer.  And it got me to wonder what they were so proud about.   Over their career they spent so much time doing this task again and again that they got very good at it.  And that's pretty sad.   

Every minute spent doing a "simple English system to metric conversion" is a minute that could be better spent doing real engineering.  Invented imaginary compexity shouldn't be a source of pride.  I don't care if it's just third or fourth grade mathematics.  I don't care if online tools make it all so easy, if Lockheed Martin's rocket engineers can't consistently keep two sets of books containing two different measurement systems straight one hundred percent of the time, the average old timey US engineer probably isn't doing as well.

Die already English measurement system.  Die.

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