Flashy lights

Why do porsche minivans (and about a dozen other models)  have flickering-flashing led tail lights?  They are hyper blinky annoyances when you follow them... and a eyestrain seizure threat to behold.    Or at least a migrane headache trigger for the flicker sensitive.. I can attest to that much. 

Answer in three parts: 

Because they are only on ?10%? of the time unless the brakes are being applied and then they go to on 100%.  The 10% on provides a low power night tail light mode and flickers like hell.  100% is bright red for braking.   One light multiple functions is so cost effective right?

Because porche owners don't stare into them and why whould they care if passengers behind them had strobe induced epliptic fits or drivers dusted past the bastards or went alt route to prevent a headache trigger?

Because the LED lighting system is low budget cheap 25 hertz crap and the national safety and transportation board doesn't seem to noted the existance of LED lights?  Note 49 Code of Federal Regualtions $ 571.108 Standard 108) 

Yes, I'm so annoyed by LED flicker on half a dozen models that I worte a letter to the NSTB requesting a revision to Standard 108.  Nobody needs extra eyestrain at night on a long drive following behind a car with flickering running night time lighting.

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