Is Terrorism a Side Effect of Intensely Divisive Politics?

This morning, my heart goes out to Las Vegas.

Winston Churchill said “Democracy is the worst form of government, except for all the others.”  Democracy might well be the best humanity can hope for in government, but that doesn’t mean democracy is impervious to attack.  Why would Russia buy adds on Facebook that seem highly divisive in order to reach 25 million voters more than once each?  I'm guessing it wasn't about law and order or peace and stability.  These early hours into this horror have the internet buzzing with morphing notions of who Steve Craig Paddock was, many of which repulsively reveal fringe America's hates and fears.  I don't know a thing about Paddock at this early hour, nor do most Americans, and the response appears to be a toxic reveal of prejudice.  With  my own fears on display here as well.

Increasingly divided politics, increasingly divided people, chasms of rhetoric, more misinformation and online fantasy news worlds that isolate rather than unite; these things do not encourage a healthy democracy.   

And then, perhaps, there is a tragic response to the stimulus that is incomprehensible to anyone not participating in that particular brand of feedback loop hive mind fart fantasy world.  

Right now it is too early to tell if the Las Vegas mass shooting had anything to do with anything.  It leaves questions: Is this how a calculating psychopath commits suicide?  How can one formulate an effective response without moving toward a police state?   Does anyone else feel dirtily manipulated from pulling up fake images and fake bio’s of Paddock before the reality slowly was revealed?

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