Taxation Without Representation

The notion that the executive branch of the federal government can defund cities or states is an idea worth exploring.  But I wonder about the constitutional and sovergn statehood repercusions.

Nevermind that it doesn't seem more than a bluff as it lacks keenly considered details.  California Military bases couldn't interact with State financial entities anymore.  Sorry Navy, sorry Coast Guard, no fuel purchases.  Good luck building and maintaining a wall without federal spending.  And there's that troubling bit about no taxation without representation.... why it would seem that all California would need to do once entirely cut off from federal monetary would be to send its house members and senators back home and then not pay Federal taxes anymore at a citizen or corporate level.

Given that Californians pay much more than they get back, a "California First" quid pro quo move would appear to improve their economic situation greatly.

Perhaps I lack imagination, but I can't quite see how weaking our Republic can be productive at the Federal executive level.  Or for that matter how weaking the republic could be republican.

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