Wonder Woman

First:  The movie Wonder Woman is a great summer hit movie.  Visually stunning.  Awesome fun.  Not a fan of hydrogen based poison gas nonsense (death by tritium ethane?  Really?  Gold bullets are cheaper.)  Much hoopla has been made about how the new Wonder Woman movie (DC universe) feels like a great Marvel movie summer blockbuster.

I disagree on the following account:

(1)  The lead character is female.  (2) Several females in the film have more than five lines of dialogue (3)  Not every female character is eye candy (4) Female characters actually talk to other female characters and not about off screen men (5)  Several female characters have fairly fleshed out character development that isn't just about flesh.  (6) The film isn't covert about sexism - male centric sexism is blatantly present in parts of the film.

Wonder Woman isn't a show of feminism by itself (it has almost nothing to overtly say) but rather in comparison to films that lack the normalism of women that can and do.  An approach that almost reminds me of an Agathy Christy novel where the inability of a lady to divorce and remarry without her lord's approval must be understood for the reader to solve the murder.  Patty Jenkins, well done effort for direction in any case.

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