Where in I Harp About Evolution Algorithms 

Reading comments posted to a unnamed websitemade me think most americans don't understand evolution.

Here's my TLDR on evolution:

(1) Evolution isn't about you.  Or even the fittest individual.  Its about the the fitness and diversity of the entire population that share genes as it faces many unpredictable* like challenges over many generations. 

(2) Sexual evolution is a problem solving algorithm powered by lives.  In a large diverse population almost nothing is left to chance.  In small homogeneous population, much more is left to long odds.  

(3)  Not knowing how evolution did something should not automatically be better than knowing it was done by design with Crispr or similar technologies.   

* unpredictable:  Besides just cranking out babies, try evolution's expansion pack featuring live play with 5 Million Trillion Trillion other indiviuals on levels like famine, disease, war, hunting, hunted, times of plenty, invasion, supernova radiance, parasites, habitat change, city sanitation, sinking islands, volcanic winters, plant biotoxins, animal venoms, rare energy sources, and of course meteor impacts.

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