What is Brexit with and without "Norway Plus" 
Friday, December 14, 2018 at 02:22PM
Dustan Doud

As best I can tell, with "Norway Plus" Brexit would be status quo, mostly.  It amounts to "Pay to play without a say."  No voting rights, but England would need to follow EU set rules.  And they would need to pay for access to the EU market.  And the plus refers to "would you please, could you please, please don't tax/tarrif northern Ireland or Scottland and don't force the de-unification of the United Kingdom because those two made votes to stay EU."   Maybe... I'm actually pretty stupid about actually reading international contracts, international law and setting them against soverign rights.  

The upside is Brexit could overfish UK waters and control migrants comming from France to take London jobs.  Washington State secedeing to Canada because Texan's might be taking New York jobs because voters in Florida deceided is an americanized take on Brexit.  Ok, my analogy illustrates my uncomprehension.  

Still, Brexit Norway Plus smells like colostomy bag and this seems to be Theresa Mays best option.  Having her country sit on its hands and rocking back and forth saying "I'll give you a farthing to be my best friend and I promise to do what you say..."

The less optional solution, for May at least, is a market for English goods that is suddenly much smaller, and increased expense of EU imports for now common items like groceries, phamaceuticals and goods.  It would seem May thinks "Prosperity" a small price to pay to keep the French and Itallians from swooping across borders and working on behalf of England... and sadly the rest of her country, excluding the bits that may secede, agree.

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