Treason, High crimes and Misdemeanors?

Capping a month with even more disco dancing at the Washington Vienese ball... this countries executive leadership seems imperilled by its own footsteps.  My dance card shows a suprise Syrian withdrawl, likely Afghanistan withdrawl, a murderous Saudi prince gifting $87 million to reserve a empty Trump hotel ball room for a full year, a government shutdown, unfortunate child death in custody at the boarder, campaign crime indictments, signatures of statements of intent, bearish declines in the stock market, rising intrest rates, a dissolved Trump charitable foundation, jailtime for fixit lawyer Cohen, light jailtime for former national security advisor Flynn, pardon-me-please o please o please from Manafort, a blooming Mueller investigation, threats to fire Fed Chief Banker Jerome Powell, resignation of cheif of staff General John Kelly Cheif and resignation of Defense Secretary Mattis.  

December has not been Washington "business as usual."

I'm personally struck by the number of times our President does exactly what early morning Fox and Friends hosts say he should do.  Seems like Steve Doocy, Brian Kilmeade and Ainsley Erhardt could get a duck pond in Iowa turned into a submarine base with just their air-time filling idle prattle.  And that ?advice? results in expanding drama, not resolution.  So just how is Fox News going to spin that hairy D.C. tar ball and still keep their boy in Washington honoring Rupert's whims?  

The answer is probably with ease, but what do I know about scoreing a dance card?  Rupert likes his ratings, and of course the power - so perhaps a future with a President Pence is but a unlikely and undesired possibility for a media empire spanning the globe in internet, print, radio and television news formats.   But then again, Oh what glorious "unique viewer impression counts" that ongoing saga, and eventual finale, will have.   

Maybe only one impression matters.  Tune in... you really have to even if you only want to pay attention to the things that actually matter - not the ratings, but the fate of the free world.

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