Ugh. Happy New Year, Predictable politics
Monday, December 31, 2018 at 12:59PM
Dustan Doud

what seems 100% likely:

(1)  That the GOP President and GOP House and GOP Senate is responsible for a "never put the pickup in reverse" shutdown 1/8 of the government for a border wall policy?

(2)  That the democrats would willingly take poisoned political apple and accept minor border consessions contrived to weaken their future electability?

Lets be clear - I think the answer is both.   One man presently owns the ongoing border policy fiasco and 1/8th government shutdown.   And two parties seem willing to play along with a kind of insanity in order to get candied apples.  

The Republicans get future tidy 15 second campaign soundbites decrying democratic immigrant policy and to bask in the warm afterglow of decisions made in support of a guy that can't seem to make a decision about basic building materials. Will said wall be cement, mud and reeds, pointy 40 foot tall poles or slats of steels?  Voting billions of dollars away on unformed mercurial plan seems the definition of anti-fiscally conservative pork.  

And the Democrats get help for people that need it but not net swing voters by way of short term concessions and equally unformed indeterminate plans for DACA defered action for childhood arivals and maybe healthcare concessions so that the flu fatality rate for the 1500 child immegrants in US custody rises to the expected mean for the US homeless.   I have no data, just a gut feeling, that while most Americans do care about children dying at the border, most Americans are apathetic or confused once conflicting propagandi emerge.  Start the "Democrat Wall Problem" and "Democrate DACA Horror story" campaign boulderdash now.  The democrat problem isn't that they were somehow were the sole architects of this nations presidentially mandated immigrant policy, but rather that they have bad political instincts-- own the problem, save a child, and risk an election to the guy that caused the endangerment in the first place and keeps saying his aim was pure and the reason it didn't work out was the democrats.  Nevermind democrats didn't cause "intervention avoidable" child influenza deaths at the border or put them in crowded chain link dog kennels where sneezes travel.

 2019 when will the madness of king george end?

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