The Political Poser Problem

Fake it till you make it seems like more than reasonable greeting card advice for newbies these days, even an American ideal.  Perhaps we have a century of progress to blame, so much change; and thank God for that, so much is better.  Exept perhaps for an abundance of mercurial posers.

Would you rather have a waitress take your order that was pretending she knew what she was doing, or one that knew what she was doing?  Would you rather have a skilled pilot or one that was just appropriately dressed and a good actor?  Would you rather a lover was just faking?  How about musician?  An arcitect?  Your police?  Your doctor?

And yet in US politics this logic gets flipped on its head and experience, knowledge and competency are considered the accumulation of terrible unforgivable sins.  It just isn't so.  Yes, corruption exists, but given the choice of heart surgery by either: (1) a doctor that may overcharge ~ (2) a believeable actor that denys overcharging and doesn't know your aorta from a portal vein, I think a majority of informed Americans would make a rational health care choice. 

The risks our nation faces are every bit as dramatic in politics.  We risk our place in this world, an era of peace and prosperity.  China is ascendant in asian economics with the withdraw of US pacific trade partnerships,  discord is offered to allies instead of friendship, Puerto Rico still doesn't have the power back on (As of March 20, 2018- 105000 of 1.5 million customers are still without power and people are still dying there as a result.) 

We need government that is ready to help when things go bad.  We need the people trusted with the care of our nation to be real tallents, not hacks, not posers, not pretenders.  We need them working toward the common good, not exclusive self intrest.  We need them to do the right thing, even if when it is difficult.   I want an informed electorate, not a misguided lied to electorate.   We need truth, not ruse.   We need expertise and excellence.

Lying posers really are the worst.

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