ABC Fires Roseanne After She Defames Two Large Advertisers

Apparently Roseanne enjoyed exercising her rights to free speech on Monday, Memorial Day and continued Tuesday with a peppering of tweets defaming Valerie Jarrett, Chelsea Clinton and George Soros.  Soros, a billionare that in the past has owned large holdings of Disney, has a multimillion dollar advertising buget across several networks.   

Disney ABC executives Channing Dungey (ABC Entertainment President), Ben Sherwood (President Television Group) and Bob Iger (Disney CEO) apparently reached out to Roseanne that morning.  Roseanne responded on twitter that she was "Leaving Twitter" and moreover blamed her seemingly impared judgement on a product manufacuted by YET another active ABC advertiser, Sanofi's Ambien hypnotic sleep aid.   Ambien spends nearly $207 million in ad placements per year.

Sanofi promply replied via twitter to Barr's tweet.

Roseanne, the TV show, had estimated ad revenue of $45 million set against costs of approximately 26 million dollars for 9 hours of television.   

Roseanne Barr was fired around 11am, and without her, Roseanne the TV show was cancelled.  Some news outlets have suggested the firing was motivated by a sense of social justice and not the blind cognition of corporate America.  I'm not 100% certain.

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