RIP Net Neutrality

Tomorrow marks the birth of a new US internet, perhaps a better one.  Certainly it will be better if better means more ways for a pipe to charge users and producers alike.

Think of it, what sheer delights could a Disney flavored internet hold.  Oh.. wait, scratch that... Disney is a content provider.  

What sheer delights could a Time Warner Cable company flavored internet bring, perhaps "Individual access charges by website?"  Who knows perhaps a Comcast flavored internet tastes like "Everything is framed with our Banner Ads all the time?"   Maybe Cablevision and Verizon will offer unique "man in the middle" flavored internets, while ATT sticks with its tried and true flavor, "Big Brother is Watching You."  And could not Cox Communications offer a "Premium Adult Rock Hard Cox" internet flavor?

One thing is for certain, these companies are suddenly worth a lot more to companies that are flush with cash than they use to be.  Why rebuy your own corporate stock when you could be rebuying access to your customers and limiting your competitions access to theirs?  

I expect a rally in this "shouldn't be worth much but now is" sector.

Let the new internet free for all begin, greed has made it so.


New note: September 21, 2018.   The net still seem much the same- "One China" might well be the first of the flavored internets. 

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