Rigged Witch Hunt

Why would a witch hunt be rigged?  

Let me first suggest witch hunts generally are undertaken for two reasons, (1) To remove an individual that possesses or practices a vulgar trait outside some socially or judicially accepted norm or (2) For political or personal gain by means of over reaction or persecution.  

If the currents of Washinton scandal swirl around witch hunts of class two, in what way does Muller prosper?  I'm a bit dim witted on this point, as his career and political advance at this moment hardly tends toward prospererity especially if said witch hunt is merely rigged lies.  

If the currents of Washinton scandal swirl around rigged witch hunts of class one, where is the over reaction? There is percieved persecution in some quarters, but I see a doggedly persistant, but reluctant, prosecution - not persecution.  And what is that vulgar trait? 

Time will disclose the truth far better than this conjecture, but I'd conjecture Muller has considerable evidence for some vulgar sin against this Nation's laws. And perhaps a lie tweeted and repeated to the point of familiarty amounts to a effort made to seem persecuted, as that is far preferable to being seen as guilty.

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