The beautiful thing that is "Bracket Pair Colorizer"

Son of mine, off in school, this post might be for you:  Microsoft Visual Studio Code: not at all bad.   With the right plugin extensions and settings it borders on greatness.  Like several Microsoft products it encourages personalization to a fault - so many really poor choices can be yours.  Here are some hints.    

First, the font:  I read about 'Fira Code' (Github tonsky) months ago and went "ligatures that change what I type so it looks like something I didn't type.  No way!"  Turns out, I was wrong.  A font that creates the illusion that "->" is a perfectly typeset arrow helpfully reduces visual clutter.    

Super One Dark Theme (VSCode Marketplace - Sean Sassenrath):  Must have.  Easy on the eyes.  Super comfortable for long blinkless code contemplation.

Language specific extensions:  Use them! Turn VSCode into whatever editing tool you need.  For rust, rust-lang.rust built by RLS team is perhaps the strongest choice, it will complete code, colorize by code anatomy and highlight errors.

Bracket Pair Colorizer (VSCode Marketplace 1.0.60 by CoenraadS):  A beautiful thing - this plugin is the difference between sometimes getting caught in a parenthesis-bracket-brace maze and not even being able to find the maze anymore because the structure color cues are so obvious.  Thank you CoenraadS, "Yellow", "SpringGreen" and "Cyan" cured my parenthesis dyslexia with tacky neons.  

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