The Wall Compromise Isn't.
Monday, January 21, 2019 at 03:44PM
Dustan Doud

So the new deal seems even worse than the old deal- 1.6 billion for border crossing prision tent city gulags, 5.7billion (up from 5) for a wall of either secret or undetermined architecture, 3 year deferment for dreamers at which time they apparently self deport, 75 new judges and legal teams selected by the president, and 2750 new border agents costing about 138million per years.  

It is reasonable to defend our borders, but it does not seem reasonable to do so at a cost that far exceeds the nature of the economic problem.  And the self justifying liability sheet is set up so a success, say just one illegal crossing in a year, still bears the economic cost of the entire defense --  A "This year each illegal enm cost the US $250 billion dollars, so we need an even bigger wall" type circular argument that evaporates under just a little common sense.  




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