Michael Jackson

He's dead.

And there are/were/continue to be child sexual abuse alligations.  And for decades, all allegations effectively diminished and dismissed- be they from family members, Neverland staff, victims or victim families. 

And suddenly some dormouse individuals seem to have waken after watching HBO's "Leaving Neverland" 

The story is so spirally complicated it seems it must be true only because why fabricate falsehoods framed so poorly when better lies would be far less effort?  And it would seem that sexually abused children were encouraged to lie in court against any abuse, and those kids were encouraged by parents and Mr. Jacksons team to protect Jackson.  And it would seem that those abused children had parents that could of filed legal claims on their behalf didn't, and as adults they themselves couldn't because the statue of limitiation's clock had run out.

Perhaps in a hundred years the next Shakespeare will find some ideas there for a tragedy set in an age of intentional ignorance featuring a charasmatic icon and lost innocence.  

So yea.  He's dead.  There is that...  

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