Long Term Vaccination Survival Study

Every now and then I think facebook antivaxer's just hate children.  

Largely because it isn't seen as ethical, negative vaccination controls haven't really been done.  Maybe they should be, given a large perfectly intent and willing population. 

Like the six year old in Oregon with antivax parents that insisted he not get a $30 tetanus vaccine, same child injured his forehead and had a parent stitch it closed (ouch!), same child then contracted tetanus at a cost of $811,929 dollars for nearly two months of intensive care, needed a helicopter ride to the hospital, AND the same parents that then continued a vaccine free life for their child. ( ) Perhaps God's lesson in most things is beyond comprehension, but in this case, if there is instruction, it seems clear.    

So just how would a vaccinated vs unvaccinated negative control population fare in health outcomes and care cost after 18years?  

hmm... second thought that's really not ethical.  

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