Game of Thrones Should Issue Season 8 Shorts
Monday, May 20, 2019 at 07:37PM
Dustan Doud

Game of thrones, maybe I never got you.  Shows done, and what are the fans left with - a hot mess?

I firmly believe HBO should seed a little "OH HOLY SHIT" good will by giving Bran-esque glimpses of the future... at least half of which involve political assassinations if Bran raises taxes to restore Kings Landing or should he fail to do so.  Enough wiggle room that the viewer is left to wonder what comes to pass.

 Dinkle getting a drop with a sword... Massie with a mask... Bran falling off a horse or tumbling down a tower... daenerys as dead zombie nom nom or maybe resurected by a lucky drunk.. Jon Snow with the night watch over taxation..  A diplomat from disputed lands... 

yea.  No reason any of it needs to be anything but one of bram's fever dreams... 

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