Just how bad is Baltimore?
Thursday, August 1, 2019 at 08:45PM
Dustan Doud

If you happen to worried about the most common kind of crime in Baltimore (property crime), how many large US cities might be worse?  From wikipedia, given a rate as total/population - Spokane Washinton is #1 among thevies, followed by Baton Rouge, Mobile, Des Moines, St. Louis, Orlando, Anchorage, Glendale Arizona, San Bernardino California, Cincinnatti, St. Petersburg Florida, Norfolk Virgina, Buffalo New York, Toleod, Durham, Wichita, Savannah-Catham, Oakland California, Tulsa, Albuquerque, Garland, Cleveland, Reno, Greensboro North Carolina, Fort Wayne Indiana, Lexington Kentucky, Stockton California, St. Paul and Minneapolis Minnesota, Boise Idaho, Corpus Christi Texas, New Orleans Louisiana, Bakersfield California, Irving Texas, Madison Wisconsin, Pittsburg Pennsylvania, Atlanta Georgia, Tucson Arizona, Las Vegas Nevada, Memphis Tennessee, Laredo Texas, Chesapeake Virgina, Kansas City Missouri, Chandler Arisona, Riverside California, Hialeah Florida, Fremont Californiak, Portland Oregon, Omaha Nebraska, Scottsdale Arizona, Newark New Jersy, Aurora Colorado and Arlington Texas followed by #56 property crime city Baltimore Maryland.

If you want to avoid high rates of violent crime, St. Louis Missouri is #1 for murder, bar fights, rapes and robbery followed by San Bernardino and Stockton California, Baton Rouge Louisiana, Las Vegas, Anchorage Alaska, Clevland Ohio, Buffalo New York and Kansas City missouri before #11 spot:  Baltimore Maryland.  

Perhaps it isn't the rate per hundred thousand that concerns you, and just the total number of rapes - if so Baltimore takes #41, and beware New Orleans, Anchorage, Cleveland, Minneapolis, Spokane, Columbus, Tulsa, Detroid, Colorado Springs and Denver, Wichita, Cincinnati, Oakland.... hmm... Washington DC... many others.   If it just happens to be total reported Murders, beware #1 spot St. Louis Missouri (with about 7 violent crimes per thousand residents every year and Baltimore (with about half the violent crime rate of St. Louis.)

What's my point:  Baltimore isn't fantastic, but it certainly isn't beyond redemption.   


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