Notre Dame in Flame

I have memory, a book of guest's written prayers inside Notre Dame.  The line I added was, "I pray for love."   


Long Term Vaccination Survival Study

Every now and then I think facebook antivaxer's just hate children.  

Largely because it isn't seen as ethical, negative vaccination controls haven't really been done.  Maybe they should be, given a large perfectly intent and willing population. 

Like the six year old in Oregon with antivax parents that insisted he not get a $30 tetanus vaccine, same child injured his forehead and had a parent stitch it closed (ouch!), same child then contracted tetanus at a cost of $811,929 dollars for nearly two months of intensive care, needed a helicopter ride to the hospital, AND the same parents that then continued a vaccine free life for their child. ( ) Perhaps God's lesson in most things is beyond comprehension, but in this case, if there is instruction, it seems clear.    

So just how would a vaccinated vs unvaccinated negative control population fare in health outcomes and care cost after 18years?  

hmm... second thought that's really not ethical.  


Speculation on Autism, Amygdala's and Parents

The amygdala - ( so hard to spell!) - are two parts the the brain sitting attop your spine near the middle of your head back behind eyes.  And the amygdala has a central role in threat detection and response.  

One striking feature of children with autism is that on average they typically have a 40% increased amygdala size, (, suggesting higher emotional expression of fear and revulsion and higher likelyhood of a threat response that includes attack.   

Twin studies have shown amygdala volume is predicted by common genetic factors.  Human amygdala volume is predicted by common DNA variation in ...

And nearly always parents contribute those genetic factors themselves, with or without expressing autism.  At least one parent of an autistic child probably has a large amygdala.  

And amygdala size is strongly corellated to political orientation. S0960-9822(11)00289-2

So what might this mean?   It occurs to me, that the often loud politics of autism, maybe, could be reinforced by a genetic component that codes for a oversized brain structure that encourages warning cries.   I'm not trying to be cruel, or make a statement about any one family or any individual.  Rather that, on the whole, as a population, with considerable uncertainty in my asserted hypothesis, autism immunization politics seem to strongly align with brain structure function in a way that appears tidy.

And great, now I'd made a inexpert statements about a whole group that would seem to be more quickly moved to ire than most...


The Problem with Facebook's Censorship Model is Facebook

I'm personally glad that I haven't seen one of the 1.5 million facebook video uploads of the Christchurch shooting that killed 50(+?) people in a New Zealand Mosque.   Yep, 1.5 million people saw fit to download, edit and upload so that they could share with facebook friends.  Nothing like rickrolling your friends contacts with spree hate killings footage I guess?

No doubt the reasons for re-upload range on an individual basis.  And no doubt that some equally deranged muslim hate groups will retaliate over what they witness in Christchurch, with live footage somewhere else in the world.  I don't expect it be long before the incited retributions and copy cat tragedy begin. 

Without stating the number of viewer impressions, Facebook says it effectively stopped 1.2 million uploads of the video, and has stamped out 1.5 million videos of the event in less than a week.  Facebook, don't tell me this compromises a heroic effort to eventually have humans or AI review already released and shared videos in compliance with local laws.  This is a fail.   Facebook is acting a lot like the almost but not quite "heroic" soccer coach that got his team trapped in a Thai cave eventually resulting in an international huge effort and one diver-rescue related death.   Of course Thai soccer coach had one moment of poor choices, where as Facebook's rulership...

And I don't know how I feel about Facebook mandating anything really.  Intentional incitement of hate is horrible even if it generates revenue, but the notion that the video, no matter how toxic, could be censored out of existence by well meaning profit motivated self interested tech giants and forever denied to future historians when it clearly has historical significance seems odious.    

I don't think Facebook's is making lives better with its intrusive creepy tech that tries to know almost everything about you.  Christchurch is a warning bell that Facebook's effort to exploit mob rule, use dictotorial mandate and be a lurking peeper - all for profit - has something seriously wrong about it.  I almost wonder if rather than censoring the original video they had dropped the page rank to near the end of the seemingly endless scroll feed, no viral campaign to edit and reupload would exist.   

But still a company win as long as everyone is talking about Facebook, right?  How I really feel about that company:  Die Facebook die.


Michael Jackson

He's dead.

And there are/were/continue to be child sexual abuse alligations.  And for decades, all allegations effectively diminished and dismissed- be they from family members, Neverland staff, victims or victim families. 

And suddenly some dormouse individuals seem to have waken after watching HBO's "Leaving Neverland" 

The story is so spirally complicated it seems it must be true only because why fabricate falsehoods framed so poorly when better lies would be far less effort?  And it would seem that sexually abused children were encouraged to lie in court against any abuse, and those kids were encouraged by parents and Mr. Jacksons team to protect Jackson.  And it would seem that those abused children had parents that could of filed legal claims on their behalf didn't, and as adults they themselves couldn't because the statue of limitiation's clock had run out.

Perhaps in a hundred years the next Shakespeare will find some ideas there for a tragedy set in an age of intentional ignorance featuring a charasmatic icon and lost innocence.  

So yea.  He's dead.  There is that...